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Using Video to Boost Your Website Conversions

Posted by on 13 June 2018

Market research shows the attention spans Internet users is about 8 seconds, tops. That’s down four seconds since 2000. Facing an enormous amount of competition online, marketing professionals recognize the challenge of catching user attention as a significant barrier to conversions.

As a marketer, your job is to capitalize on every micro-moment within that 8 seconds, get your audience’s attention, and don’t let go. We all know the trick is to give users what they want, to give them valuable content they will want to share to expand your brand exposure. Offer valuable information, answer questions, make them laugh- whatever it is your audience wants- give it to them. That’s job one.

Let’s assume you’ve got that much nailed down. Well, alright, but you’re far from the only entity online with valuable content. Now, you’re in a race for attention with every interesting page on the World Wide Web. How do you win that race? Video.

Video is the best way to produce attention-getting content that grabs their attention within seconds and doesn’t let go until your message is complete.

Ways to Leverage Video

There are several ways video can be made to suit your branding needs. First, choose a video style that suits your brand image. Your options include;

  • Animation

  • FAQs

  • Humor

  • Presentation

  • Product demonstration

  • Personalized communication

  • Webinar clips

Whatever format you choose, it should grab their attention from the title and engage their interest within three seconds. That doesn’t mean you should use a click-bait title that doesn’t deliver what’s promised or annoying stingers like some dinosaur news broadcast. Just let your audience know at the outset that they are about to get what they are looking for.

How Video Can Boost Conversions

The combination of sound and image gives you the ability to convey your message in moments. A good marketing video will relate how your product or service will benefit your audience as rapidly as humanly possible. You need to quickly and effectively demonstrate how your brand will enhance the lives of your audience. Make it relatable, make it believable, and make it about them. Remember, it’s not about your product- it’s about your audience benefiting from your product. That’s how video works.

7 Reasons Video Should be Part of Your Marketing Plan

  1. Display complex ideas rapidly
  2. Establish an emotional connection in moments
  3. Tease them with alluring product images
  4. Optimize your SEO profile
  5. Engage users by relating your brand to their lives
  6. Showcase your value proposition
  7. Beat the attention span countdown

If content is king, video content is the king-maker. If you tell a good story at breakneck speed, use an attractive thumbnail, and write compelling titles- you’re practically guaranteed to see your conversions rise.